Kazama has released a lower suspension adapter. This is the part that changes the low damper mounting position of suspension arms side. Available in ma and black.
RWD is really catching on. 
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Was packed around the width, to expand the adjustment range of the wheel base, we are up the freedom of caster angle setting. Even in narrow scrub setting up and turning angle, I adopt the design to avoid the interference of the lower arm and tire. Course performance, with machined aluminum body with an emphasis on coolness and rigidity, dress-up effect is also excellent. I lineup and 2.5mm shaft specification corresponding to Doripake, a 3mm shaft specification corresponding to Ribasasu system.
New shell from Drift Stage D-like, the Nissan S13 Silvia.
195mm length.  Front and rear  separate bumpers. Window mask and decals will be included.  
Speculate the roof wing and trunk wing will be included too.
Look for release real soon. 
Is Vacula aluminum rear upright. It allows you to drift stable running to minimize alignment changes by an aluminum lightweight and high rigidity. In addition, upper arm mounting position for three places set. Be attached to the outside of the original position is also possible, it is possible to obtain a higher rear grip. I is set at 0 degrees toe angle.
Active Hobby has released a steel adjustable drift shaft/axle/CVD for 3 different chassis setup suspensions. The Yokomo drift package, Tamiya and OTA-R31.
The Tamiya and OTA version will come with steering angle of 60 degrees. and the Yokomo will have 65. 
They all are adjustable by single increment to 10. 
Tamiya will be 43 to 53mm in length, Yokomo 47 to 57mm and OTA 45 to 55mm. There are easy markings to make even adjustments.        

Tammiya and OTA design

Yokomo design.

4pcs of 26mm width tire can be storage to up and down rack. It also has 4 assembly stand holes for an oil damper, and It's very convenient for pit works. We use for good looks of Acrylics for side plate. 
Available in 5 different colors, blue, gold, gunmetal, light blue and pink. 
Maruma Factory has created the general purpose light bucket kit. They will come unpainted. As you can see they have been designed to be used an multiple different shells with slight modding. They are not made for any one particular company. The kit will have 5 different bucket design. 2circles, 3squares, 2squares, long rectangle, and a s14 headlight type design.
It is the aluminum servo mount units that are connected by a strut bar servo mount two, increased the mounting rigidity. I can attach and Tamiya · TT-02, for example, Yokomo · DIB. (Use low height servo Portrait)  by adjusting the height 3x6mm or spacer, (※ spacer is sold separately) Standard servo also supports supports the delicate steering work in direct from. It is also possible that a small processing such as sharpen the interference part, to mount such Doripake, in all models

silver, black, blue, red, light blue, and gun metal.